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Thread: Hi from Germany

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    Hi from Germany

    Hi guys,
    My name is Andreas and I am fairly new to this hobby. Started with a cheap Hubsan to get first training without severe impact on my purse. Then I bought a Taranis and tried to connect it to Liftoff (never worked despite testing on 2 computers and with some feedback from the steam community) and then I bought a Vortex 285 at a fair for 199 Euro and a X4R-SB.

    Sadly there is no FPV group nearby so learning is rather through mistakes.
    Great Hobby ! I learnt to enjoy the time between technical issues or crashes and not to get frustrated by things that do not work as planned.

    Happy flying.

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    Welcome Andreas to the Lab!!!
    I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!!

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