I'm just looking into FPV and what I want to do so I'm not sure if this was the right forum but sounded like it. Here's what I would like to do.

I sail and race radio controlled sailboats, I would like to add FPV to one of my boats and have that be displayed on a PC. I would also like to be able to control the boat from the same PC. Controls are simple, just 2 servos, rudder and sail control. So I don't need a lot of the extra features needed for drones.

The second part of my questions, is there a way to control the boat through the internet? Someone would have the controls on their PC, the other end of the internet would be the boat.
Why you may ask? One of my club members has been working over in China for a year, probably be there at least another year, I'm near Boston. He said he would like to see if we could set a boat up with FPV so he could sail with us.

If I can control a boat from a PC what software and hardware would I need? What would it take to add internet control.

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions.