Hey guys I have a blackout mini h quad that I've been using for the past year or so..

Now that I saw the tiny dji spark, I thought that it could be cool and useful to add a GPS to my quad to make it even more stable, but not for racing just for mid range FPV. The benefit that I see is that I will be able to see the speed of the quad, better position and altitude hold, RTH, etc. And I really like the concept of a pocket size quad that I can carry everywhere I go.

So I have an old naze32 acro, which I can replace it with an F3 FC.

So I'm planning to order this:

F3 deluxe

Micro minimosd

Mini ublox GPS m8n neo

Eachine TX526 transmitter

What do you guys think? A good or bad idea... If it's a good idea I will be willing to share schematics of the build so that you guys can follow along.