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Thread: Where to buy G2 canopy?

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    Where to buy G2 canopy?

    I had a lackluster experience with having my local UPS store 3D print the hero canopy for the G2. It was far too brittle.

    Anyone have a recommendation of a reputable place to order it from online? There are several 3D printing companies online but I don't want to just randomly choose one.

    I'd also love to hear what material/settings were used more successfully.

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    I ended up getting my own 3D printer and am starting to experiment with materials and settings. Does anyone else have tips/advice on printing them?

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    I ended up doing the same, just getting a 3D printer. Turns out I use it for all kinds of things. I have had great success with PLA and a 3mm thickness. 3mm seems to be just strong enough, but incase of a serious wipe out will break and take most of the energy of the crash sparing the copter. I print all my VTX and antenna holders. If you need one, here is a little holder for a TBS Micro Crossfire and antenna that fits on the back of a 7" G2 frame - here is the link for the .stl -

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_6404.JPG 
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    That is extremely helpful. Thanks

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    One more note. 3D modelers. I started out using FreeCad in OSX. It's ok - but not very intuitive and seems to have it's share of bugs. It was nearly impossible if possible at all to go back and edit something a few weeks later. Since then I have changed to TinkerCad and have not looked back. I can do stuff in TinkerCad in half an hour that used to take 4-5 hours in FreeCad.

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