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Thread: Vario + Baby Monitors

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    Vario + Baby Monitors

    I just bought a Radian XL for FPV. I've seen some UTUBE vids with folks using vario's with baby monitors for the sound. I don't have a high priced Spektrum TX. I fly Futaba. Is this my only solution to using a vario?

    Any light shed on what you use, and how, would be greatly appreciated.

    I screwed my DALOSD the other day, so I'm looking for another OSD as well. But the vario would be nice to have.

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    For Futaba you can buy a flight controller that sends vario beeps through your video transmitter. Wire an earbud off the video receiver. This didn't work very well for me because it was sending a lot of fuzz noise too. 2) buy an external varios like L1D but presumably this would be the same problem.

    I have had the best success with vario beeps with FVAS-02H, but this is a Frsky vario and works off 2.4 ghz. The problem with 2.4 control is that you are pretty much stuck using 5.8 video and for me anyway with the plane circling in thermals 3 miles becomes the reliable distance I can get 5.8 to go, so not very far.

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    I sell variometers that go over the audio line of your video transmitter. See here for more info:


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    Sorry for the late response guys. Been busy traveling with work.

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