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Thread: My first rodeo?

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    My first rodeo?

    Hello everyone,

    I'll come off saying that I'm not at all knowing all the ins and outs of all the drone talk going on. I am quite the noob. I'm all good with that.
    I love RC "everything".
    I first started off with some RC Red 3 Wheeled buggy at age 13, with a slow and a fast switch on the back. Thing was cool. Then got into the Team Associated RC-10 racing buggy's a couple years after that. Had a Striker around that time as well, Older model of "Off Road rc cars". Anways, To keep this simple, Went from the RC-10... to the RC-10 GT (the gas powered one), and for some reason, got a Drone..... I didn't know what my reasoning for it was, but it was fun, different and a little more challenging. I didn't get the drone it was a present. Small but reliable and got me to learn without auto this and that. After that, went and got 2 DJI 3 drones, the Standard and the advanced.
    Now I have been trying the Blade Inductrix FPV, 3 of them. I've been trying to remember how it is to fly like the first drone. I've also been looking at the Eachine Wizard x220. Now I have some questions. I'll let that be for now. I'll also ask another link or thread on that.
    I just wanted to say I'm glad I can get into the forums with others like me. Thank you for listening and sorry for "Droning on" lol
    See you out there guys



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    Hey Matt, welcome to the lab.
    "You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve"
    Kid Rock

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    Welcome Matt to the Lab!!!
    I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!!

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    Thanks you all. If I have any questions, might be a bit noob'ish, but we have to start somewhere especially from the FPV standpoint.
    It's nice to see everyone on here all taking part and so many enthusiasts.
    I used to be on a computer Forum back in the day...'97 or a little later, but it's been some time since I've actually gotten on one of these for help for something. Guess this is one of those times I need help.

    See ya all around and thank you for the warm welcoming,



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