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Thread: TBS Vendetta and Runcam Swift 2 easy swap

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    TBS Vendetta and Runcam Swift 2 easy swap

    I was wanting to try the Runcam Swift 2 in the Vendetta but it wasnt happening as the casing is totally different inside the carbon frame. I have a friend who managed to use foam between both sides and use the bumper screws to act as the runcam position and tilt point. Although it worked for my friend I could not get it to work for me.

    I managed to put the circuit from inside the Runcam Swift 2 and put it inside the original tbs zero zero v2 casing. so basically swapped out the tbs circuit with the run cam 2 circuit. perfect fit. if you use the runcam swift lens. you will see the bumper as the focus point is far too back. you will get dark shades and although you can fly its not a pleasant flying experience.

    i got around this by using the original 2.8mm lens that is on the tbs zero zero v2.

    if you want to use runcam swift 2 on your vendetta. just take out the circuit from the runcam swift and swap it out with whats inside the tbs camera. swap the pins so they match tbs wiring. switch off all osd from the runcam swift using the osd remote.

    happy flying

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    Did the same thing, but used a GoPro style lens. In order to keep the plastic number out of the picture, I had to sand it off a bit.
    Iíve found an STL for a wide angle bumper on thingiverse afterwards, will give it a go:

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