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Thread: Colibri race repeating bips BF 3.1.7

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    Question Colibri race repeating bips BF 3.1.7


    I've recently upgraded the Colibri to BF 3.1.7 and since then my buzzer is acting strangely. I've ran out of stuff to test and I really can't figure out why it's beeping.

    It doesn't always happen, when it does the quad flies normally. And sometime when I change battery, it doesn't bip anymore, and then the next one it might bip again. It's possible that the bip accelerate with time, but I'm not 100% sure. Strangely, when the props are off, it doesn't seem to happen at all.

    I'm using the Powercube V1, with FPVision, XM+ receiver flashed with the RSSI8 firmware.

    What can I do to debug such issue ?

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