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Thread: Just bought a TBS Unify Pro HV vtx

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    Just bought a TBS Unify Pro HV vtx

    I just put it in my new build and was gettimg bad reception on all bands and channels. I put a capacitor and lc filter in and still had a ton of lines on my screen. So i took the vtx out and took the heatshrink off and went to take the antenna off the whole connector on the board came off. How can i repair this??

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    do you have a picture?

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    Ya it wont let me upload a picture for some reason. So I just will send the link to my FB page.

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    need another one the connector that broke is out of focus!

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    ok this can be repaired. the question is if you are good enough with the soldering iron as it's VERY intricate. we can also arrange repair for you but for this you'd have to open a ticket. last resort would be to do a flying exchange for postage paid both ways. however, at this point we can't help you here in the forum, you need to open up a customer-support ticket.

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    yup im good with soldering. Just need some guidance.

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