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Thread: Vector issue- "internal bus error code 2"

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    Vector issue- "internal bus error code 2"

    Hi John

    I had this sudden issue come up mid flight, resulting in a crash. Low altitude luckily, although I almost took out a couple of tourists.

    I was cruising along with RTH test on, when all of a sudden the screen went black for a second, at the same time the message "RTH engaged: too many Rx glitches". When it came back I had the message "RTH issue detected! Mag" followed by "Internl bus error code 2" as the video came back.

    At this point I had no power (I'm guessing that because I lost power to the craft, when it came back on I had throttle input, meaning it probably went into esc calibration) but still had the control surfaces.

    Then the screen went black again for about 2 seconds. When it came back, the Vector was booting up and I was already heading for the ground.

    I've attached a video for reference. Unfortunately the ET software wanted to update so when I tried to download the log files, nothing comes up on the reader. I can't seem to attach those files at the moment so I'll try again later, but hopefully the video gives some insight to the problem.

    I've had this Vector randomly cut out on me in the past, but it was always during bench tests or fiddling around with pre-flights when moving cables around. In the past I've been able to disturb the current sensor unit and cause the Vector to lose complete power, but it would come back after a second. I've never had an issue in the air with it completely dying.

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    Please open a support ticket and attach the log files if you are able to get them.

    Regards, John

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