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Thread: Powercube Elite Video Help

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    Powercube Elite Video Help

    Sorry if this has post somewhere, I have spent hours here to find answers.
    Here is my problem,
    Cam. HS1177 connected to FPVision.
    Rx stick and all, OSD everything looks fine, but there is no image from the video Cam,
    I can adjust everything even included the osd in the cam,
    But for the life of me, could not figure out what to do to get the video feed.
    Also, I will only able to see the menu while plug in Cam 1 port, if I use Cam 2 port see nothing.

    Please help, thanks in advnace

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    Make sure cable you are using has correct wire order at the camera, if using supplied cable that came with elite then it is designed for a tbs zero zero cam with a different pinout

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    1. you will only see something on camport 2, if you have a cam on it and set a switch for camswitch (osd settings->switch settings->osd switch)
    2. you can see the cam osd but nothing else?
    a) try to reset the cam. sometimes the presets are crap
    b) do you have a lenscap on your cam??
    c) have you tryed it with a different cam?

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