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Thread: tbs tango display question

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    tbs tango display question

    from holland.
    I got also tbs tango whit the latis firmware.
    like to know ,when ik turn on the tango and select my quad,and klick save.
    somtimes i like to turn of the display.
    when i turn it of.
    after the flihcht,i like to turn it on again but i canot turn it on again whit the scolweel.
    only to to turn of the tango ,and turn it on.
    is there a option to turn it on wil the tango is on .

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    you can turn the display back in by holding the "up"button for a few seconds.
    i'm not sure but i thing it's explained in the manual

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    yes thank you .
    it s doing the richt ting.

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