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Thread: TBS Unify Pro HV Cutting in and out

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    TBS Unify Pro HV Cutting in and out

    Hey guys

    Just fitted a Unify Pro HV to the qav180, quad is 4s but i'm running the VTX off of a 12v BEC, connected straight to a hs1177. Set the channel fine, power menu hasn't been unlocked so still on 25mw.

    On the fist flight test, It ran through 3 packs just fine but on the 4th VTX output died for a second whilst in the air (goggles went to static as if the quad had been powered off), then it came back after a brief time, then did the same again, brought the quad back los to check out what's going on, the light on the VTX was still solid blue and all the connections were good, the picture gradually degraded, followed by a constantly flashing amber led.

    The setup is pretty much as simple as it gets so I'm a bit stumped! Anybody know what's happened to it?!

    Thanks for any input on this.

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    Have you tried it straight from the lipo? As far as I know there are two kinds of unifys... either 5 volts in or up to 6S lipo in... of course your 12 v bec would technically fit in the 'up to 6S category' but usually two becs in line don't get along too well unless you have good damping between them.

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    If the 12V "BEC" is done with voltage regulator it simply is not enough power, if it is done with a dcdc you need to make sure it can provide the power it needs, on 25mW and 12V around 100mA plus around 80mA for the cam

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