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Thread: TBS core pro without power module

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    TBS core pro without power module

    Good day dear people, I've got a little question about the TBS Core pro. Is there a way of powering the core without the power module?

    I'm currently doing a big update on my Discovery pro. I'm currently flying with the pixhack, Frsky and 5,8 video. But I'm upgrading to the crossfire, with telemetry, Core pro and unify 2.4 video.

    This means I'm connecting the crossfire to the telemetry port of the pixhack for the downlink and sharing the datastream thru the BST port for the OSD, this means the power consumption information will be available from the pixhack. This eliminates the need for the powermodule. Except I need a way to apply power to the core pro some how. Also, It would safe weight on the copter if there's no need for the powermodule of the core pro

    I also don't know what will happen if the core pro recieves 2 datastreams about the power ussage, 1 from the pixhack, and the other from the powermodule!

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    Well, after some intense reading of a lot of TBS manuals, I found the answer within the crossfire manual.

    It turns out, the core pro doesn't need the power module to power it, The core pro connects to the power module thru the BST line, the BST line supply's Vbat and ground to the core pro. the core pro supply's the 5V for the rest of the system. If you wish to use the core without the power module you have to modify a BST cable to carro only 2 cable's the Vbat and ground. this way there's no need for the power module, and if you connect the crossfire with the pixhack you can take the telemetry data from the pixhack's power module and share it with the core thru a BST cable between the crossfire and the core pro.

    The information comes from the crossfire manual:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I realized, I couldn't figure it out because I assumed the TBs power module functions the same as the pixhack power module, but there's actually a big difference.
    The power module of the pixhack is the one that supply's the 5V to the FC. But with the core the power module only supply's the core with power data. the core creates it's own 5V from Vbat.

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