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Thread: I'm the new guy from Gainesville, FL

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    that look great

    Great looking little Whoop frame you got there.i hope you all had a great weekend i was out at romeo elementary scholl with my 90 this Saturday. had a blast flying through the play ground equipment. then Saturady night my puppy found my quad and ripped up the reviever and vtx. so i tried to get another quad going while i await parts and could not get anything to work no power to the reciever or vtx and or camera, very frustrating. ive put a meter on everything and im getting no voltage to the reciever or vtx and camera . it appears my pdb and flight controller are deffective.uggh im beigning to get frustrated with things i thought were Oem to find out they are knock offs.

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    Dang that stinks, I've been lucky my charger doesn't mind the fatshark battery at all.
    I've ordered a frame for an 85mm brushless build. Slowly going to start acquiring the parts

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    Waiting for parts is an all too common theme . We need a Multirotor/FPV store here in the Gainesville-Ocala area.

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    Yes we do but at least getfpv is in sarasota and if they ship ground ups we will have it the next day.
    do you need a gimbal protector for your taranis? im printing some up if you want one?

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    by the way local guys i ve lots of toys to make things with if you need anything done. basically my shop is a maker shop.
    We have A150 watt laser, a cnc multiple 3d printers wood working equipment casting equipment also forges and anvils

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