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Thread: Does TBS have such a thing as a Vortex 250 Pro?

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    Nice! Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to trying some of your products after the way I was treated by the ImmersionRC so-called "support" guy and Ssassen, who is the actual owner!
    Sander has always been a bit of a dick..thinks it is his trademark.

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    ever since ive been flyin my vendetta, my 2 irc vortex's have been gatherin dust and no time., the vendetta is like velvet in the air, its soooo fricken smooth and yet so 'efin powerful when needed. i have it with a tango and crossfire system with receivers micro V2 on all my 6 little drones, as for my (cough cough) phantom 2, it has a diversity TBS receiver for it and is used more for my long range slow poke nice video times. But as for the vendetta, you absolutely cant go wrong.

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