Hi Folks,

i have the Crossfire Micro for about 2Weeks or so and experienced very bad Range from the firs Day I used it. After testing several Antenna mounts and Positions the Results were still bad.
I mean way worse then FrSky x4r-sb with 25mW and 868MHz (Germany) Dyn. Power off. Today i wanted to try the Spare Antenna which is coming with the Rx, and then after pealing off the Shrinking Tube the Antenna just fell off. It never was sitting tight in the U.Fl connector as i could see on the Shrinky Tube.
I think there must be a Problem with the attaching Process of the Antenna in the Production.

After attaching the New Antenna it worked pretty well, but I need more Testings to be sure about that.
So please check your Antenna Connections on Rx!