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Thread: Poor Range with Crossfire?

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    That picture comes from the support article Perna linked to just above my post. How I interpret this, it's more than a balun.

    As far as power goes, I've scoped it out. My VBatt power rail is already mighty stable, thanks to 220uF low-ESR caps on all ESCs, plus I'm using the mPB from BrainFPV, which has capacitance and LC filtering before the 5V reg. 5V is pretty much a flat line here, apart from the 1200KHz switching noise, which is maybe 20mV peak to peak.

    --edit: You might be right anyway. I measured the black part on a broken antenna (after scraping off some of the paint), and there's continuity to ground, but nothing to the antenna pin.
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    For best antenna orientation try to fit following requirements.
    Parts labeled with "Antenna" below should be:
    - Separated as much as possible from any carbon or conductive material
    - Separated from the wire going to the receiver
    - As straight as possible

    I stand corrected. Below that picture in the document they have it mounted as a V shape in a Vendetta. Time to get the 3d printer back out and make some sort of V shaped drink straw holder.

    Are you also using a BrainFPV RE-1? Thats what I have in the QAV-X along with the micro vector. That controller and its PDB are amazing.

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    I had an RE1, which I broke while scoping some interrupt lines to diagnose a source of jitter in the firmware. I'm running a Seppuku from AirDTF now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glowtape View Post
    This one is interesting:

    Kind of throws a spanner into my current setup with the PTFE tube. Because as per image posted on the top of this page, I evidently have the wire running parallel and right next to the ground part of the antenna. I guess this explains a lot of my issues. The wire part picking up an inverted version of the signal the ground part gets, cancelling each other out.

    I guess I have to try the V-shape, and consider changes to by upcoming frame to mount it straight (holes through both top and bottom plates, PITA to take off though).
    When it comes to antennas an antenna end connected to ground is not equal to ground. It's also an active antenna element (see link below). This is why it has to be exposed too. When you align the black antenna element from the picture above with the wire going to the receiver you absorb most of the signal which decrease your range a lot. It's almost the same if you would remove it completely.

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