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Thread: I can't get a clean video feed for the life of me!

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    I can't get a clean video feed for the life of me!

    So I've flown and crashed my FPV kit for a year, mostly in my front yard. I didn't realize until recently that I should expect to get clear video beyond 100m. My reception quality has had ups and downs as I've replaced various parts over time, but lately I can't get video to stay clear even when a friend hand-carries the copter around the yard, motors disconnected.

    I'm not sure which part could be at fault. Here's what I've tried in my simplest configuration.

    - a much-crashed PZ 600TVL camera
    - new cable from camera to new 600mW 799T VTX to a dedicated 3S 1Ah battery
    - VTX connected to much-crashed 5.8Ghz Boscam Cloud Spirit Antenna with the top radial parts somewhat bent out of shape.
    - These are mounted to the quadcopter frame, but all the other hardware is left unplugged from a battery.

    Receiver: RC305 VRX with matching Boscam Rx antenna.

    I plugged in the VTX and got a clean signal to my goggles. My friend hand-carries the quad around the yard, and I get white horizontal lines and other minor degradations.

    I could live with these, except that when I have the entire system connected to a single battery and fly the quad 20m away, I can get intermittent severe white lines or intermittent LOS. Also I hear I'm supposed to get kms of range

    The antenna has connectivity but is bent. Is it the bent antenna? Could a faulty camera do this? Where do I start?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any way you could post a vid or link to one showing the good and bad? it would help a lot

    That said there are tons of reasons you might get interference including loose connections, faulty vtx, channel mismatch(even if you're sure it's right), bad grounds from one or more components....

    As long as you're here.... you might want to browse through some of the howto and getting started videos... you never know what knowledge might be lurking out there that solves problems you are having.

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    Flying in yard? Other houses around one has to assume. You have a lot of at least WiFi stuff in air. Boscam is not best quality around and bent adds more potential problems. Not flying in a clean environment with subpar equipment.

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