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Thread: What Alex Jones thinks about FPV!

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    What Alex Jones thinks about FPV!

    There's no place I can't be / Since I found FPV / But you can't take the sky from me

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    Alex Jones is an a first class a-hole.

    Everybody loves a bunny.

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    ^^ you aint kidding......
    flyin HIGH

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    It was comical to keep up on the whole info wars thing for a while, but now days these guys are pretty out there. I had to stop watching them to keep my YouTube from getting overrun with bs

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    he got Trump elected. OK he did not sway 50% of the people, but he gathered a significant following and maybe influenced maybe 1% of the vote. And Trump himself is a follower of his, uses his rhetoric regularly. SCARY
    another friggin lawn dart. love it

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