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Yeah you will be fine, run your vtail servo wires on one boom and camera wires on the other boom. I assume they are CF booms too, so if you can run inside them you are golden. Plane looks great too, just please tell me that it is not your first plane otherwise it may not look so great. I would show you my first balsa pics, but I destroyed all evidence of them lol.
I currently have the servo wires in both booms and the camera sharing the right. They are aluminum so no help there either. Thanks
This isn't my first plane, but you may be right about the fate of it. It's only the second Balsa I have built, it started as a 100 dollar winter project last year, but I have put a lot of work into it now (more than I expected to) so I am starting to get nervous the closer I get to the maiden. I've been flying for about 3-4 years now off an on, still get nervous everytime i put an expensive plane up. haha