Hi Guys,

because some problems with both Quads I decided to change the electronics to FPVision. The hope was to have a cleaner setup, easier to configure, and less problems.
I started with my QAV180. Old Setup: T-Motor F30, KISS 24A, Flip32 F4 Omnibus with onboard OSD, plus the Lumenier PDB. Camera is a Runcam Owl Plus, Video-TX a RMRC Cricket 200mW.
I had a TBS Powercube catching dust here in my room, so I upgraded this to a new Colibri 2.0 plus the FPVision-Board.
Problems with the old Setup: Lines in the Image with more then 70% throttle, and sometimes the OSD even completely disappeared. No Current Sensor, only Voltage.
New Setup now: Powercube FPVision + Crossfire Micro + Runcam Owl Plus. The quad looks empty, like something is missing

The big QAV-RXL had a Lumenier Lux, MinimOSD Micro, T-Motor F60s, KingKong 6040 Props, also KISS 24A and a Runcam Swift. Also problems with higher trottle.
New Setup: FPVision Stack, I kept the KISS 24A.

What can I say?
Now I can change Channels, TX-Power and even Cam-Settings directly from my Tango Menu. Or by OSD. And the image is 100% free of lines and noise! Flight characteristics with latest Betaflight is great.
Only downside: The Antenne-Pigtail is far too short, even for the 180 size one. 2-3cm more would be really helpful.
But a huge plus: The current sensor is AMAZING. I fly till 1000mAh is reached (1300 Lipo), and I charge 1040mAh in. That's quite impressive!
I will take some pics of both the next days, busy now with flying!