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FATHSARK goggles are compatible with miracast dongle!!!

It works great! The phone however gets a little hot, it already did just running the go 4 app, and it draws more current, but the image is perfect!

make sure you set the dongle first to 1280x720 60fps, then you get a crystal clear image.

Give it a try, also the latency is very low. Just make sure that the Mavic is set to 720 and not 1080, because the 1080 has significant more compression and reduced data transmission, which implies it is much slower.
Important note,
The dongle only works if it is 5.8GHz and it has enough processing power. It does introduce further lag... about 300ms
The best solution is buying a phone or tablet with hdmi out, but I have read that many have compatability issues since most output 1080 60p which is not compatable with ft goggles. Appearantly some have managed to get the nvidia shield tablet K1 to work with them, not sure how they can set 720 60p output yet, but I have seen some doing it so it must be feasible