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Thread: Power cube fc issues

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    Power cube fc issues


    I purchased a atom v3 kit and assembled. I flew it for thirty seconds indoors with the receiver taped to the bottom for testing and it flew great. I then put the receiver under the canopy and bolted it down which crushed the flight controller. This was a colibri race 2.0 flight controller.

    I ordered a new corlibri race 2.0 flight controller and installed. I calibrated the esc board. Calibrated the accelerometer. When arming the motors rattle while spinning and get very hot immediately. However when using the motor spin feature in betaflight they don't rattle and do not heat up. The motors individually randomly go full throttle when armed verified by viewing the motor live data section in beta flight. Also the accelerometer shows the craft is randomly pitching and rolling however it is not. The accelerometer does not show random pitching and rolling when using the motor control in betaflight.
    I installed the original receiver and installed a second to rule out a receiver issue. I have also installed the latest firmware available.

    I am unable to recover the dump from the original flight controller therefore cannot transfer it to the new one.

    Does anyone have any ideas where to go from here?

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    I looked further in to the betaflight settings.
    I chose motor stop in the configuration. Upon reboot motor 3 smoked. I actually giggled because i've never seen a component smoke by changing a setting and letting it reboot.

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    And went to the motor test section to verify the trashed motor. Moved the all motor tab up to confirm only three work. I was confirmed only three worked but the other three burned up while spinning and changed direction just before complete failure.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is service usually this slow?

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    Filed a pay pal claim and finally got a response from tbs.

    New cube and motors arrived today. Assembled and flew for two minutes. It flew fine however horizon and angle mode didn't work.

    Plugged it in to beta flight. Opened the cli and dumped. The esc smoked upon reboot. Motor 3 no longer works.
    How does an esc fail with a beta flight reboot?

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