Hi everyone.

Thanks for the awesome community as I found many answers before. I apologize if this is answered somewhere, but after some hours of searching I could not find anything about it.

I want to change the stock antenna on my Taranis and use a 5dbi 2.4Ghz one. I've tried 4 different antennas from different manufacturers. Also tried a 3dbi 2.4Ghz with same results. All of them give me +40 SWR when stock one gives 0-1 SWR. I tried different wires and different lengths for the SMA/RP-SMA from the Taranis pcb to the connector, but no luck.

I found a video of mr. IBCrazy doing this mod with RG316 cable. After some maths, he got 1.66" (too short) and then 3.33". I can't understand the math he's doing because english isn't my mother language and my ears aren't too tuned to hear english.

Could anyone tell me the length of RG178 I must use from the Taranis pcb (where I solder the wires to the pads) to the SMA or RP-SMA connector where I plug/screw the antenna? RG316 seemed to me to put too much stress because it too thick and I have too many RG178 wires laying around wasted...

Thanks in advance for any help and excuse me for my not too good english.