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    LOL ah man it's comin. I've been layin off trappy cause I know he's swamped rite now. no one has amswered my support question about them still being able to ship lipo's to Canada yet. I want a couple of the 4000mh 10c 6s lipo's for my endurance. longer fly time for sitting in me new chair
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, Hipfreak. It must be beyond frustrating. FWIW, in answer to your original query, I've never had anything but great experiences with TBS. Sherrell in particular has gone above and beyond many times. Sucks that you haven't been able to have the same experience.
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    not really an excuse, but the shipping delays are not really something we can do anything about. we have inquired and pressured, but Canada and the USA customs agents have been delaying packages at random for 30+days these last 2 months. I'm not sure how customer support has anything to do with this, if anything, this subject should be titled "worst shipping ever".

    however, if there is anything I can do beyond letting you vent, please let me know. we are generally known for our good customer service and lack of care for bottom line, and I intend to keep it this way.

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