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Thread: 5v Camera powered from VTX

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    5v Camera powered from VTX


    Just a quick post to check that i have the wiring for my OSD/VTX/Cam correct.

    Components as follows:
    3s flight battery
    LC filter
    5v camera
    12v VTX that supplies 5v to camera

    Diagram below shows how I intend to connect it up, please have a look and let me know. I believe that to power the analogue side under this arrangement, I will have to bridge the digital side (i.e. the side connected to the APM) with the analogue side (i.e. video processing) by soldering the pads on the OSD, because if wired up as per below there is no 12v at the middle pin to supply the analogue side.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	5V camera - MinimOSD opt2.png 
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    Looks good, but you don't need the tx wire hooked to the APM.
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    Thanks all for taking the time to look and thanks to @Beerwiser for the response.

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