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Thread: TBS Crossfire: no takeoff detected?

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    TBS Crossfire: no takeoff detected?

    Hi all,
    I wanted to do a dry run on my TBS Caipirinha before installing all electronics. TBS Crossfire Tx, Diversity Rx, with TBS Current sensor, TBS Blackbox, TBS GPS/Compass. ESC and motor connected and working. Left my switched on Tx at home, put the bird on the car dash, plugged in the Lipo, all electronics get detected. Normal OSD screen, I waited until I had a GPS lock (solid blue on the sensor). I drove a few miles, but I did not get a "Takeoff detected" message. Did not get any distance or altitude, all at zero. I do have a message "Battery not full" on the OSD because the Lipo is at storage capacity. Is this the reason I don't get a takeoff detection?

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    Edit: Firmwares up to date on PNP Pro and all peripherals as well as on Tx and Rx.
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    I need help here. Charged the flight battery and did the following: Power Tx, put the bird on the car dash again, powered it, waited for the GPS to lock, it says "Home Set" on the OSD. Then I took a drive, GPS coords update, but again NO takeoff detection. Same when I have the Wing and Tx running on the bench, as per Crossfire manual when throttling above 3A it should detect a takeoff (reached the 3A per OSD by slowing down the motor by hand without prop). I just can't get that takeoff detection message. Blackbox is empty as expected without takeoff detection. I don't want to maiden it this way. Any suggestions much appreciated, thank you.

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