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Thread: X-Fire <> ET Vector Full telemetry, anyone got this working yet?

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    X-Fire <> ET Vector Full telemetry, anyone got this working yet?

    As per the header, anyone got more than just RSSi/LQ & GPS back to DROIDPLANNER yet.?

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    with the taranis and a frsky rx you can get full telemetry using the uart port.. I haven't tried but I would think connecting the crossfire to vector like you would pixhawk but leave mavlink control off it should work... but you would probably have to use a taranis... use xfire ch 7 and 8 for uart and ch 1 for sbus or ppm still.. let us know if it works... the signals on the uart port of all these flight controllers these days should be using the same language and protocols to communicate.. so give it a shot and let us know....

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