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Thread: Need help with Eachine Micro F3 Brushed FC (FRF3_EVO) flight controller

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    Need help with Eachine Micro F3 Brushed FC (FRF3_EVO) flight controller

    I'm using the FRF3_EVO to run a micro brushed quad.

    Whenever I arm the quad the motors start at a high speed. The throttle does have an effect: it just goes from high to higher.

    I've flashed to betaflight. I've set the motors to Brushed. The center value is 1500, motor idle is 1024, max throttle is 2000 and min is 1000.

    When I arm the quadcopter while hooked up to the computer I see the throttle received value is 1007 (the min received value) but the motors spin at what looks like at least 1500. The receiver page shows the min throttle is 1007, and max is 2027. On the motor test page, when I move the slider to 1024 the motors are just barely spinning, so I don't know why if the received throttle value is 1007, it wouldn't be spinning very slow, if at all.

    Any ideas why my motors would be going so fast on min throttle?

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    EDIT My bad, you are on betaflight
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