Hello guys, I own an Eachine Falcon 250, using a 4 pin camera and having a default 4 pin transmitter. I didnt like the old transmitter- mine burned out very quickly, and I owned a TS832 transmitter and receiver set from a while back. Only issue is that the default camera and transmitter is 4 pins (6 if you include the power input to the tx), while this 832 has 5 pins. The manual for the 832 says the pins are DC in + and - (as I would expect), but the 3 remaining are, "Cam GND, Cam V Out, Video In". I dont understand what to do, going from 4 pins to 3. Do I simply have to get a camera that follows this structure?

Camera/VTX: http://imgur.com/fHMUDJI
New VTX: http://imgur.com/xoZCi4k

Any help on this would be welcomed! Thanks