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Thread: TBS Tango video issue

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    Angry TBS Tango video issue

    Hi Trappy or whoever can help

    I have the Tango controller and it has developed a problem with the video. The video has only been working 20% of the time, the rest is black static screen on every channel. I did tests with three different quadcopters and also on a friends Tango. My friends Tango picked up all three quads while mine was a black static screen.

    Everything inside seems normal I'm not seeing any loose connections and the antenna seems fine. The tbs logo shows up at start and I am able to access the OSD. Another problem with the tango is TBS port A/V cable. I had to order a new one due to the one that came with the tango was faulty and had a short in the wire. Same thing happened to a friends tango AV cord. For the past month due to the cable I've been using the tango FPV screen only until it started having the video trouble.

    I've contacted TBS support going on three weeks now and sent out several email but havent got any response by them beside check if any wires are lose. The tango supposable has a warranty but it appears they don't want to fix it.

    Can anyone help me?

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    I will never buy any Team Black Sheep products ever again.

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    Hi Gamrionous92, sorry to hear this. We've been behind on supporting our customers here as we were navigating Chinese New Year and trying to keep our support helpdesk in check. I'm the CEO of TBS and I've personally taken on the task to pick up where my team has not delivered as promised.

    Your problem is known, the 5V fails to power up due to lack of capacitance on the DCDC circuit.

    You say in your OP that you have a ticket, could you let me know your ticket number and I will look into it and fast-track it. Once again, apologies for leaving you hanging. Please let us make it right!

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    Ive been dealing with this for 2 months and I just received my repaired tango after I was told I was getting a replacement and now somethings wrong with the USB charging port. In order charge I have to make sure nothing is touching the charger cord. This been a big mess I regret buying the tango.

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    Now tango won't charge right or give me the right battery level. Can I return the tango for a refund.

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