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Thread: ■■■ MiniRaceWing ■■■ never hesitate ■■■

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    We updated the Kickstarter page. You can now read about setups we have tested. We hope this helps everyone to find their perfect setup.

    MiniRaceWing - Kickstarter

    Quote Originally Posted by Håvard Støre View Post
    Your plane looks super interesting guys! I really like it Flitetest really screwed up on this one I must say. I am a fan of the Flitetest channel, but some of the things they do (like this test) is just a bit messy.
    Thx! Ha ha yes, but they are still awesome. After making our Kickstarter video I have even more respect for their work!
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    The MiniRaceWing is now available at www.flybot.de for pre-order!
    Best Bang for your Buck...
    "fortune favours the prepared mind"

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    Thx Schalonsus for posting

    We have started the production of the MiniRaceWing!

    The MiniRaceWing provides an exceptionally exciting but also carefree flying experience.
    It is the first crashresistant plane that is not only easy to transport but also fast and agile and just plain fun to fly.

    - Fast
    - Extremely agile
    - Large speed envelope
    - Special developed wing mount acts as crash release and lets you dissemble the wings in seconds
    - All the electronics is safe inside the carbon fiber fuselage


    The first MiniRaceWings will be shipped end of May.

    It is available at a special preorder price of 129,- EUR only for a short time (incl. taxes. Everyone outside the EU will safe 19% tax). The regular price will be 149,- EUR

    We are also able to offer you a power kit for the MiniRaceWing now. Replacement wings are available and we will add more replacement parts soon.

    Head over to our shop and order your MiniRaceWing today!

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