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Thread: TRAPPY>2017 is the chinese year of the FPV chair

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    Locked in then trunk of a car.
    I guess you have better herbs in the USA Take lessons Dobbie....
    "You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve"
    Kid Rock

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    LOL may have to move back to chemicals instead of herbs to see that mang!!I will really need that chair to sit in then
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    flyin HIGH

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    Quote Originally Posted by doobie View Post
    may have to move back to chemicals
    You watch too much of Breaking Bad...
    If you're a noob, copy 1:1 what somebody already flies without too much questions, you'll find the answers later.
    PatrikE: I don't see anything wrong in your dump...
    you are flying it LOS... You are doing it wrong.

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    whoa man that's a little too much chemical for a 50yr old. maybe relive my timothy leary days at most eh. you could maybe pick me some mushrooms from the salmon arm hills robo??? LMAO
    flyin HIGH

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