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Thread: Next TBS Wing, board the Hype train - CHOOOO CHOOOO!

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    Next TBS Wing, board the Hype train - CHOOOO CHOOOO!

    So, will it use the fuselage from the Vendetta and detachable wings?

    That would be cool design 8-)

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    do you have some more infos for us?

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    Well i can make some educated predictions, and the reasoning behind them

    - similar in size and form, it is called the Capi 2 after all.
    - body of different type of foam, stronger
    - 3s, with possible 4s. Last capi was 3s at the end, stands to reason they will continue with similar powertrain
    - Different props, probably folding. The Capi1 props are on firesale at $1.45 down from $9 (i think).
    - flight controller. There isnt much tbs doesent make that isnt programmable. The Flightcontroller is a natural evolution. Will more than likely be either APM based (standard) or inavflight based. Trappy has mentioned more than once he uses inavflight on his personal gear. Then again, TBS doesent make hardware other people have made, so it could be a new TBS Valkyrie/Icarus (random flight based names not endorsed by TBS) flight controller and custom software to match.
    - will have an "it" factor never seen before. Maybe removable wings, portability, sonar/airspeed, mode 2 iff (formation capability), led's.

    What i can tell you for certain is the people who do have the test models have entered into a sacred blood pact (or NDS) and you will not see anything till TBS is ready to let us know.

    Which could be in 5 mins or 5 months.

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