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Thread: Eagle Tree Diversity between a diversity receiver and a regular receiver?

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    Eagle Tree Diversity between a diversity receiver and a regular receiver?

    I have a Duo 2400 diversity that just won't perform like my lawmate receiver when it comes to range. I would like to feed the video from both of these receivers into the eagletree and have three antennas on the go. Anybody doing this and if so is there any disadvantage other than complicating a simple system? The oracle diversity demon system got me thinking about this.

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    I have two diversity receivers, one has race band, and I use different directional antennas on them and feed the output of each receiver to the Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes ground station and I really like my system. I am using antenna tracking on a couple of my aircraft but don't on others and it works fine for what I do.

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    Nice setup you have there. I'll be running an omni and linear panel on my diversity receiver and the other receiver will have a crosshair feeding it. I had a good picture at 11 miles with that lawmate and crosshair in the past. It will be mainly for planes but I have a 250 quad and I'm rebuilding one of my first quads as a winter project. No plans for a tracker though.

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