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Thread: Hacked Cars?

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    Hacked Cars?

    Is there a thread already about this topic?
    With talk about driverless cars, what were they thinking?
    This is so down the road to a real Skynet, owned and operated by Robo-Corp.
    I have the chance to go to school and learn how this is done.
    Here is the link:

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    Yup. It has been done. Considering that many cars already have high bandwidth data uplinks, drive by wire, and cameras, some hackers could decide it would be fun to hack some cars and use them for a nice "fpv race". Scary.

    The sad thing is, most of those security holes could simply be avoided by not doing stupid things, it's not that these holes got discovered by some uber-genius who spent years figuring it out. It's basically that you just need to have some moderately skilled hacker look into it for two months and he will discover a security hole.

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    As someone who does IT security for the LE space... This is becoming reality way faster than anyone realizes. Look at the issue Chrysler and Chevrolet are having right now with being exploited.

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    same song 2nd verse..

    yeah true;


    My mother was a whistleblower at A.E.C. and I was denied the use of the car on prom night because of the backlash it caused.
    To this day I am still bothered by it.
    Back then the operator of a device had to be a few cars back to operate the black box under the victims car, not like today where he/she has a small window on their screen at a cyber cafe.

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    It makes me think, why don't big car manufacturers just hire one of them hackers? If they can break the code I bet they can write a damn good one too...
    That's one of the reasons I'm a fan of 80' wheels as Hotrods are out of my pocket
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roboforcer X2000 View Post
    It makes me think, why don't big car manufacturers just hire one of them hackers? If they can break the code I bet they can write a damn good one too...
    That's one of the reasons I'm a fan of 80' wheels as Hotrods are out of my pocket
    I guess they don't realize the problem or don't really care. The (bad) news is quickly forgotten, I guess it won't make them sell less cars.

    This is a general problem, for some reason, as soon as it comes to computers, you can get away with all kinds of totally stupid mistakes and sometimes even logic thinking is being switched-off.

    Just take the first chrysler hack for example. These cars could be hacked over the internet because:
    - The systems in the cars had a permanent internet connection via mobile sim cards
    - The internet connection was (from a technical point of view) just a 'standard' connection, the same that you get as normal smartphone user from that cell network provider. Usually, if you have something security critical, like objects that weigh 2tons that can reach 100mph, you go and talk to providers and ask for a seperate firewalled network, not accessible from Joe Schmoe over the internet
    - On top of the open internet connection they used, the software on the car was a) listening for requests permanently and b) had no form of verifying who sent the request. That's just plain stupid. Now one could argue 'yeah, but this computer stuff is complicated, yadda yadda', but actually it has nothing to do with computers. I'd bet that somewhere in Sun Tzu's Art of war, it somewhere says something like 'if you get a message, make sure you know it's not forged'. Same mistake, known for thousands of years, being repeated now.

    Or take the last example that happened here locally. A big database with customer data including credit card information, address etc. was hacked. It turned out, that this database was from customers of a company that went out of business some months ago and was bought by another company. Now how could this happen? This company took the database, encrypted it with good and strong encryption (up until here all is fine) and then put the encrypted database PLUS THE DECRYPTION KEY on a FREE DROPBOX account.

    What happened? Bssically nothing. The company informed the authorities about it (there is a new IT security law that forces companys to inform the authorities if customer data gets stolen), made a hotline that people can call to know if their data has been stolen, and that's it. No fine, no security audit etc., nothing.

    Just to make clear what they did (in non-computer terms) They locked something up in a sturdy and impossible to break box, with special locks, that no lockpicker could ever break open (the encryption) and then they put that box together with the keys to that box inside 5$ worth cash box that they got for free somewhere (the dropbox account). Damn morons.

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    Don't forget the guy that said it only cost $30.00 to make something that can capture the driver's car's frequency; then he had to go to a computer for 30 minutes and create the false ID. What is Elon Musk going to do?
    He wants autos that will go from point A to point B without any driver.
    Just like asking us to register out cars now because some hacker is going to bump us into the presidents motorcade.

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