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Thread: VAS Pegasus

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    Ok finally got some more flying with the Pegasus. Pretty much dialed in the AP. It could use more tweaking to get it perfect but it works well in ALT, STB and RTH so certainly good enough to get by with. RTH is reliable now. Video is only working to 1km because I live in a forest. I think I'll try a dipole and yagi for video and see how that goes.

    Anyway here is the video from today. I really love the Pegasus. Easy flyer.

    Ps I did more work on the canards and improved the control surfaces flatness. The control horns were not rigidly attached well enough and as a result the surfaces weren't deflecting evenly but bending near the horns. That was why I needed so much deflection. Now I've got them to much smaller deflections for level flight. I will update those numbers in the previous post. Be sure your control horns are well glued to the canard elevators so they deflect evenly.

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