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Thread: Samsung Gear VR goggles for FPV use

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    Samsung Gear VR goggles for FPV use


    I'm new to FPV, in fact I don't even have any fpv equipment yet as I'm still researching what's best for my needs.

    I'm soon to acquire the Samsung Gear VR goggles as a birthday present and I'm curious if they can also be used as FPV goggles? I've perused the Internet and the only links I can find are linking the VR goggles to the DJI Phantom drones cameras. Does anyone know if other cameras and antenna can be used with these VR goggles for FPV?

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes but it takes some trickery, you will need a module to connect to your vtx and you will have to mount it to a base station of sorts. I'd recommend a set of fatshark goggles but if you want more info on building the VR out shoot me a PM.

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    Depends on your latency needs, those analog to USB capture adapters add quite some latency, so if you want to do racing and fly fast near objects, better use some 'classic' analog goggles like Fatsharks.

    If you don't mind the latency and like digital HD, check out EZ-Wifibroadcast (n the videolink section), it has support for smartphone goggles with the FP_VR app. Latency is about 140ms.

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