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Thread: Powercube FPVision

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    Quote Originally Posted by WDZaphod View Post
    Don't do that. Use a colibri, and it's Plug and Play. Not even sure if this can work at all, because probably missing BST drivers and I2C connection...
    Don't really want to use the colibri. Would rather use a different fc. I do have a colibri though. Where would i look for information on setting up just the colibri with the fpvision?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed-Demon View Post
    Can anyone tell me how to go about setting up Smart Audio on my Powercube FPV Vision stack? Ive tried connecting Uart 3 TX and tapping into the OSD line from the cam to FPV Vision but havent had any luck? Any help would be appreciated, as it is hard at race days to use OSD to change channels when everyone else is changing channels at the same time and swamping the feed.

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    Smart Audio to the Video TX? This wouldn't make sense, because the vTX is in included in the FPVision. I guess you like to control the FPV Cam by OSD?
    That's quite simple, just connect the AUDIO-Input of your FPVision (Cam1!) to the Control-Pin of your Cam. Then you have to enable it in the FPVision, and that's it.
    Enabling it changes the Cam1 Audio-In to Camera Control output.
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    Hey guys
    Need help, 3 nights and no go for me. Have a cube, changed the PDB to FPvision, have nice OSD now! Yay!! BUT cant get a proper rssi feed into this thing or my goggles, tried multiple channels, betaflight, this and that. I believe its a XSR rx, my Taranis is reading the RSSI around 96-98 db, but have not managed to get this feed into google, opened the Agent and selected various rssi outputs, meh, dang!

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    Have 2 TBS Elite bundles in the Spare parts tub on my workstation and it has occured to me after having tried several different platforms over the past couple months that "this is a loss". Both stacks have found there way to the "spare parts tub" after both stacks have failed due to the Colibri race V2. Recently I have been focusing all my attention to learning to troubleshoot and repairing the hardware. I have paid good money for this gear and I must salvage my considerable investment. So... I am at a loss of info available as to hack the FPVision and set it up to another FC. I am aware of the pnp 25/50 used in conjunction with the Kiss v1. and although I have not done this set up I am assuming that the FPVision running TBS Core pro should communicate with other FC's as soon as I can discover a pin out diagram of the stack leads on the FPVision. Any assistance or even pointing me in my desired direction of the information I seek would be greatly appreciated.

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    First let me say that I am a huge fan of TBS products and I appreciate the quality of service that is also offered in conjunction with your cutting edge gear. So... I have 2 Elite bundles that over the course of the past year have seen several frame set ups and have functioned very well. However in the course of instal, Un install, re install, and so on obviously the soldering of different set ups has taken its toll on the Colibri in both Elite Bundle sets and at this point I have had to hack receivers to bypass invertion and make available other inputs as default sbus ports are long gone as well as I am now having found it impossible to make connection to the motor signal imputs as some solder tabs have fallen off as well as some are shorted to ground in the core of the board at the motor / ground connection tab location on both FC's. This is only due to my own fault of repeated swapping of this stack and not setting them up with wire quick release connections at a different location in the line and maintaining original solder points. So this has made mt last resort to save both boards by locating appropriate traces and making micro solder connections " which I am comfortable with" but I would also like to try combining the FPVision to another "Betaflight FC" via mapping the male pin bridge on the FPVision and getting these most excellent VTX's back in the air but also having the ability to utalize the Core Pro features. In addition I have tried "with both stacks to combine them with the Elite Bundle Kraken PDB however I found it very difficult " with both stacks to make consistant motor signal connections with this set up. I used the provided signal connections at the underside of the Kraken PDB then ran the 4 signal ports at the front of the PDB using 24awg at 2" lengths straight up to the Colibri. I found it very difficult to get a good connection at both the ESC signal connection on the PDB and then as well at the Colibri. Some times a little re shifting and reslodering of the connections would prevail and some not. Any suggestions as well as guidance would be greatly appreciated and allow me the great delight of getting this hardware back in action. You and the team at TBS have long since givin me the option to send the gear back and have it repaired or replaced however I am inpatient and replaced the gear with other hardware and resumed flight as shipping to and from China is either quite expensive or very delayed. This is not of your concern I only wish to express that this option has already been given 5-6 months past and I passed on it. due to the fore mentioned issues of my own. It is only recently that I have found myself honestly considering my budgeting toward this great hobby/ addiction and as a result I am determied to inform myself on the processes necessary to troubleshoot and repair all unused gear "if possible" and in the process gain in even deeper appreciation and satisfaction. I am equipped with a great excess of tools for electronics, fabrication, and software as I have a small custom marine fabrication and paint business here in SW Fla so there is no excuse for the mass of defective hardware in my possesion. Thank you for the excellent products you have and I am confident will continue to produce. I will be on point for the latest top notch TBS gear. Cheers

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