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Thread: Powercube FPVision

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    Got it, the above worked running the osd (wht) from cam to the A (aud) of the cam port on tbs fpvision...

    with the crossfire bst I have this working with my kombini!!! man its so nice!
    I can change all settings on cam and change freq channel or vtx power all while sitting down in my chair with my radio and goggles on.... LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks TBS for an awesome package!

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    today i wanted to.rebuild a micro quad. With the new fpvision bundle.
    And there is a pdb who come betwen the pdb and fc.
    on this thin pdb is plus/minus/signal.
    is this for the esc's ?
    i soldered signal there. But Motors not spin if i test in betaflight test tab.
    should i solder signal direct on to the FC?

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    So i found out what the fault was. And for other people with the same problem as me i have writte a little Tutorial.

    i did not solder signal from FC to Signal on the PDB Board.

    Greetings Buddha

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    the power cube elite says its got a PDB a FPVision and a colibre race. When I click on FPVision it says it includes a Unify pro. Does the power cube elite include the VTX as well? its kinda hard to tell from the description. if it does thats pretty cool. if not it seems a little pricey IMO.

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    yes it have a vtx too.

    because its the fpvision board with an esc board for soldering the esc at.
    And a colibri FC

    best regards buddha

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    Is anyone else getting line interference on throttle up using fpvision. I cant fly anyone got any ideas thanks guys

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    yes i have some small lines too.
    do you have the pigtail goes oit of the cube on the same side as the cables from batterie or on the side.
    i put it oit at rear same as the cable from batterie.

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    Mines coming out the side and I put an extension on. Works fine standing still but that's not much fun

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    Forgive my noobness with this subject...

    I've seen several posts mentioning the PDB containing a short pigtail, but I have yet to see a pic of the PDB that's included with the PowerCube Elite bundle. Nor does the page for the Elite bundle contain any information about a PDB being included, just the ESC extension board.

    Is it the same PDB that's included with the normal stack? It doesn't look like it from the pics as that would add an additional layer to the stack. If the stack doesn't contain an actual PDB, what do you suggest using for a PDB?

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    hello !
    Does any one knows how to enter the OSD menu on the tbs elite cube/ fpv vision ? I can't do it by radio stick but the rc calibration goes well and also I can't go to osd manualy ...

    If someone can help I apreciate!!

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