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Thread: TBS Race Tracker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    on facebook "TBS RaceTracker" group there is a form to fill out if you have no ID. You will need to use an android phone with the "TBS TRACKER" app to update the TBS RaceTracker firmware. DroneSquad is currently in development to support the latest firmware.
    Thank you for the response Trappy. I don't have an android phone, will have to search for someone that does.

    edit: Took out the negativity in my post.
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    I was trying to update my racetracker frimware and now it is stuck in boot loader mode and will not connect to the TBS tracker app via bluetooth. Can someone please help me. I'm stuck.

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    Just received my tbs race tracker yesterday. I started charging it around 6pm yesterday. As of this post (over 24hrs later) it is not charged and will not turn on.
    The only thing I get is a slow blinking red light. See the link to the video below. Over the course of the 24 hours I have tried 5 different usb cables. Same result with each cable.
    I've also tried charging with the case off. Thinking that maybe the usb connector was not all the way in. But that was not the case. Any thoughts?

    Here is the video of what it's been doing over the past 24 hours......

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