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Thread: TBS Race Tracker

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    anyone playing with beta firmware? Did not get how to calibrate aditional channels. When you press calibrate only main channel calibrates, other ones stay on very low sensitivity.

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    Tested mine out today even though some of the reports haven't been good, I trust that there was a good product in there.
    Great packaging, small, and I found it easy to setup, once I knew that it was totally discharged.
    My confusion in this was based on video reports that it comes half charged and they were using it out of the box.
    Not true.
    Thanks Rotorgeeks and David for setting me straight.
    Now for the price, this is a great product. There are those wanting multi pilot support when all the guys I fly around with are find buying one for themselves. First off, then you have it when you want to practice, secondly, if it is more accurate just tracking one at a time, then I would rather have my own.
    My friend and I were both extremely impressed today.
    We didn't have it that far away from us, since range is limited I hear, and I wanted to give the device the best chance possible.
    So I set it up on the foam pad that I take off from, and to calibrate, walked about four yards away and calibrated.
    Then set it to fly over start, and just did a ten lap mock track.
    As advertised. Worked really well and impressed my friend that he was ordering one tonight.
    I will need to carve out the plastic a bit to allow normal USB cables to charge it without taking the front off, but if that is my biggest complaint at this time it is minor.
    Filled out the form for getting the new antenna, hope that fixes range issues, but so far, does what it promises and pretty accurately.

    Now, a question.
    Are you supposed to set this up in the middle of your gate?
    Says in the manual that it is a bubble, place in the middle of your gate.
    Now I am sure it is tough, but how tough?
    If that is how it works best, then I will need to 3d print something or wrap it in a carved up pool noodle so that it doesn't get destroyed.
    We just had it at the edge, and calibrated a distance that we knew we would be flying inside of and when we were outside of it going around, it didn't register, which was correct.
    Will update now that I have the beta once I play with it a little more.

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    My TBS racetracker won't charge. I've only been using it for a week and it worked fine the first day. I tried it week later and now it won't charge. I've tried plugging it in over night and when I got to use it it gives me a low battery warning and then turns off. When I try to connect it fast before it turns off, the app says 0% charge on the battery, and then it disconnects. The Racetracker works fine when plugged into a power source. I've contacted TBS support and they got me to fill out a form requesting a new PCB to install. However, it seems like the new PCBs are to address an issue of batteries discharging too fast. Mine came out of the box with a 75% charge. Unless it was charged the day before it doesn't sound like a problem with discharging. Seems like it's a problem with my battery, not PCB.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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