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Thread: Looking for a good camera bumper

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    Looking for a good camera bumper

    On the 250 ummgawd it seems the camera is dangerously close to the ground, especially the way I land.

    To me the best design is the vortexskids bumper.


    Has anyone tried these, or recommend even a home-made solution?

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    I use small pieces of pipe foam/pool noodle glued on where they need to be, cuts and shapes easily with a razor and sandpaper.

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    I've been using the vortexskids bumper for several months and can definitely recommend it, especially if you are using a larger FPV camera e.g the HS1177. When the larger cameras are tilted up to enable flying at higher speeds, the camera sticks out the bottom of the Pro which leaves it exposed during a crash unless you use a bumper.

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    Cool, thanks for the feedback. That's helpful!

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    Saved for later.

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