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Thread: Salt water discharge

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    Salt water discharge

    So I figured this horse wasn't dead yet. The argument I've seen against disposing of lipos in water that is most prevalent is the rusting of the leads not allowing the battery to fully reach 0vdc so I figured I'd tackle this in a simple manner and it appears to work. Will update with a puncture test but here is the setup

    Basically some wire. my charging cable. Two safety razors as anode and cathode. Salt. Water. Cut up cool-aid jar. Rusted out pot in case of fire.

    All done outdoors for safety

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    I just throw them in a bucket of saltwater, seems to kill the quite nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j5coat View Post
    I just throw them in a bucket of saltwater, seems to kill the quite nicely.

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    Do you do a good puncture test? The problem with just chucking them in is the rusting does happen and the discharge is affected. That's the reason I swapped to just throw it in idea to one where I can replace the abode and cathode easily to discharge further if my first one rusted over. With the whole battery in the water is impossible to know for sure. Here's a video of a guy who claimed he left a lipo in brine for 3 days and when he tried to puncture test it still realeased extremely hot gas.

    I just completed my experiment and am ready to dispose of this lipo in regular trash I discharged my battery to 14.8v with my charger with balance lead and discharged the rest in the salt water as pictured in my OP. Total discharge process took about 20 minutes from the time i introduced the razors to the brine anf i changed the salt water one time as the first batch of brine turned green and stopped fizzing on me at which point the battery went down to 1.5v total charge

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    Why not just use a resistor?

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    Waiting on shipping for stuff sucks so if I can do it with household supplies I'm gonna lol

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