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Thread: Dealing with too short leads between Motors and ESCs?

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    Question Dealing with too short leads between Motors and ESCs?


    What would be the visually ( and electrically ) most pleasing technique when it comes to lengthening Motor Leads in order for them to reach their designated ESCs ( TBS PowerCube - Multirotor Stack )?

    I was thinking about stripping 5mm on both leads bare, shoving one end into the other and then applying solder to the connection like in this pre solder and pre heat shrink example:


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    That works great

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    One into another is my favorite way of soldering wires. No blob compared to one-on-top-of-another way and you need less solder too. Dip one end to soldering paste, interlock wires, and solder will flow in instantly. And not just wire to wire- I don't use PDBs on my builds to save weight and space, and this type of soldering is as neat as it can be

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