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Thread: EASA Prototype Commission Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft Operations

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    Angry EASA Prototype Commission Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft Operations

    I have just been checking up on the EASA Prototype Commission Regulations on Unmanned Aircraft Operations and I am not happy of the proposals at all.
    I believe this is a draconian act of regulations that are going to destroy a fantastic industry and a hobby and its innovative solutions for us all.

    If these regulations are put in place this will hurt only those who are willing to follow regulations, others with illegal acts of stupidity in mind are always willing to destroy something without concern for the hobby's or others around them, this has always been there. Others that wish to use these for illegal purposes wont be bothered as they will do wrong no matter what regulations are put in place.
    The expense of policing this would be unbelievable and far as I can see unachievable making these regulations just bureaucratic paperwork.

    I and many others follow the CAA regulations in the UK, I have taken out for liability insurance, I enjoy the new flying of the drones for photography and racing.
    These EASA Prototype Commission Regulations are an act that are intended to destroy the enjoyment of ALL RC Air model owners and should be stopped before they do.

    Please look into this and help spread the word and put a stop to this madness before it goes to the next step to destroy our fantastic hobby.

    Thank you for your time

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    I totally agree.

    Check out my video with details of what's happening and how to act against it here: https://www.firstpersonview.co.uk/blog/quadcopters/easa-prototype-regulation-unmanned-aircraft-operations/

    And then my followup video (just posted) with an update a week later: https://www.firstpersonview.co.uk/blog/quadcopters/easa-prototype-commission-regulation-progress-followup/

    There is an email address to send your comments to at EASA and two petitions (both linked from my page). I've also included links to find your local MP and MEP to write to them.



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