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Thread: Aftermarket ESC on Vortex

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    Aftermarket ESC on Vortex

    Anyone know if there would be an issue swapping the 20a ezesc on a 250 pro to a EMAX lightning bl heli 30a esc? Total rook here and I haven't seen anyone swapping the stock ones out in my searches but I'm going to upgrade the 2204 2300kv stock motors to brother hobby 2206 2600kv motors so I wanted the 30a esc while I'm in there. Thanks for the help!

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    Bump. Just installed littlebee 20a having a hard time getting blheli to communicate. Pls help

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    Moving this to vortex support on sponsor gate.

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    We only support our own esc.

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    []thanks irc! Looks like you do now!! She purrrrrrrrrs. Just took forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Paxton View Post
    []thanks irc! Looks like you do now!! She purrrrrrrrrs. Just took forever.
    Please tell me the steps to set up blheli

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    Configured separately with bl, mainly for reversing two (no ezesc). Set the min max in CF.'but if it were me I'd just do motors. The escs are fine/only ones that fit, and I might be overdrawing the battery plus ezesc makes motor direction a breeze.

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