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Thread: TBS G2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robof568 View Post
    sorry to reply to an old thread, but on the G2 frame where you mount flight controller you have four almost cutouts for lack of a better term. three are one size and one is larger. Which goes to the rear of the craft?Attachment 77463
    The orientation of the frame in your picture is correct. The large cutout in the middle faces the rear of the kwad.
    You can see it on the TBS website in this picture as well, the four large holes in the center of the frame are all a bit closer to the front. That leaves that one large cutout facing the rear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdrjr View Post
    Hello Chile Vuela,

    Greeting from Brazil

    Did you get a chance to tune better your 7" G2 ?
    One thing that I'm curious is why your D so low...I'm really interested in know more about it.
    Hi, I had a play but never found good settings with the 7x4.5s. The D was to keep the vibrations somewhat in check, any higher and it just went wild. Once I put the HQ 6x4.5x3 (triple blades) on it, I was able to tune it so it flew quite well. And then I lost it in the mountains.

    Now I've got a new one with a KissCC flight controller with the latest firmware (1.3RC25) and adaptive filtering and it flies pretty decently with stock pids.
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