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Thread: TBS Core PNP50 questions in Alien5"/KISS FC/KISS ESC/X4R/ImmersionRC/Lumenier build

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    Question TBS Core PNP50 questions in Alien5"/KISS FC/KISS ESC/X4R/ImmersionRC/Lumenier build

    I'm excited to fly this beast however I've run into territory I'm unfamiliar with as I've never used some of this gear before... and the TBS Core PNP50 has basically no pinout diagram anywhere. The closest I can find is the manual for the PNP Pro (a different product) and a pinout someone made of the PNP25, again, a different product, but getting closer to what I need. Sadly this second piece of info didn't have all the pins defined either, so while it gave me some good guesses as to configuration, I'm still up the creek without a paddle in many ways.

    Here is a picture of where I am at currently... this is guesswork on my part as I've never used the PNP50, and I've never used OSD. When this is fully sorted I'll upload the finished wiring diagram for others in the future as I'm sure I'm not alone is pursuing this arrangement, seeing as Mr. Steele and RotorRiot are flying/selling this combo.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The motors and ESC's are so obvious/easy/well-documented that I'm leaving them out of the image.

    So my questions are as follows to anyone that can help fill in the blanks.

    1. What does RSSI connect to? Pinout please!
    2. What does "Link" connect to? Pinout please!

    I'm assuming that something in there is connecting to the KISS FC Rx/Tx/Ground in order to pull relevant information for the OSD. I'm also assuming that the PNP50 is performing the OSD function, as the video feed is being passed through it, and some of the marketing material implies fairly directly that it is an OSD (although I may have misinterpreted that).

    Any help will be enormously appreciated!!!!!!!!! AND if anyone sees that I've totally screwed something up, or have made incorrect assumptions because the pinout on the PNP25 is nothing to follow, please let me know! Thank you

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    Did you ever figure it out?

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